The price of any property inspection is influenced by many factors, such as square footage, age and/or the configuration of the home, as well as any inspection options (if any) selected. 

Emerald City Inspections'  pricing will usually be neither the highest nor the lowest you may encounter, but will represent the BEST VALUE you can receive for your home inspection dollar.

Beware of the following that may not offer any value to you !

Lowball pricing:  This is often the practice of inexperienced inspectors trying to gain a foothold in the business, or may indicate a less-comprehensive inspection that only skims the surface using a brief check-list report.
Builders and Contractors: Some home builders and general contractors offer to perform home inspections for a lower fee because they expect to receive additional, lucrative, business as a result of the findings they present to the client.  This is a conflict of interest not permitted under the InterNACHI Code of Ethics and could be costly to the client.

Don't waste your time and hard-earned money.  Schedule your 100% GUARANTEED Emerald City home inspection NOW !!


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